I’m Krystle

I invite you to meet with Jesus in the messy moments and live an abundant,
Christ-centered life.

I’m on a mission to outwit my inner mean girl with the truth of Jesus’ love for me. I battle her lies every day, and am learning to embrace the practical ways Jesus meets me in the messy, imperfect moments of life…

When I find it hard to love myself

When I struggle to trust Him

When I feel less than, not good enough, or always too much 

Every day is a journey to owning my identity in Christ and living in His abundance. In the process, I love to laugh as hard as I think deep, and will never pass up a good table-top role playing game, especially if I get to play with my husband.

I love to learn.

I’m a graduate of Crossways to Life’s Exchanged Life Advanced Training (2018), and Trueface’s High Trust Leaders Certificate (2019). I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Windsor (2008).


Hearts Connected

Deep Conversations

Words Written for My Book

Reminders That You're Not Alone

Welcome to my world.

Sometimes I write …

Remind Me Who I Am

Remind Me Who I Am

Growing up, I loved everything about the fair except the house of mirrors. Put me on a ride that can fold onto a flatbed truck to travel to the next town - I’m game. Ask me to walk through a maze of mirrors that made me look taller and skinnier than I already was?...

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Dare to be Seen

Dare to be Seen

One year ago, I was sitting in a quiet room, nestled in a country forest. I saw deer that morning, grazing as the sun rose and the mist lifted from the grass. The picture-perfect backdrop seemed an unlikely place to agree to enter a battle I felt ill prepared to...

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