I’ve seen a lot of posts out there about the kids being home… About how to survive their presence over a long period of time, and how to work when there’s nowhere else to send them.

I get it, I really do. In the middle of something bigger than us, having our routines disrupted isn’t much help in calming the questions or anxiety, especially financially. The financial implications will be wide-spread.

And yet, at the same time, I wonder…

What if our kids aren’t a burden? What if this is our opportunity to see them – really see them? To see who they are, who they’re becoming, and who they desire to be?

What if it’s a chance to take walks and laugh together, and rediscover how to connect in nature? Maybe it’s a chance to see the world through their eyes of innocence again.

What if it’s a chance to educate? To sit with them in their fears and questions, and be so present we get the gift of time to steward them well. Maybe it’s a chance to guide them in new ways.

What if it’s a chance for them to teach us? That life isn’t always about scheduling our days until there are no moments left to be present and breathe as a family, but taking time to eat an uninterrupted meal – or 3 – together. Maybe it’s about us adults unlearning a few things so we can re-learn what matters most.

I know this disruption in our routines has left everyone with more questions than answers. But if 2 weeks ago we were spending all our time on social media re-posting quotes about the importance of a positive mindset, then this next 3 weeks is a chance to live our own sermons.

And maybe that’s the best way to teach these beautiful, curious minds anyhow. May we be an example to our kids in hard times – everything cancelling is a nuisance, our children are not ♥️

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